Health & Physical Education Curricula


Physical education teaches students how their bodies move and how to perform a variety of physical activities.  Students learn the health-related benefits of regular physical activity and the skills to adopt a physically active healthy lifestyle.  The discipline also provides learning experiences that meet the developmental needs of our students.  As students participate in team, individual, dual and leisure sport activities, movement exploration, rhythmic activities, and Project Adventure, they become confident, independent, self-controlled, and resilient; develop positive social skills; set and strive for personal achievable goals; learn to assume leadership; cooperate with others; accept responsibility for their own behavior; and, ultimately, improve their academic performance.



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bulletPhysical Education (P-12)
bulletElementary Health
bulletMiddle School Health
bulletGrade 9 Health
bulletGrade 10 Driver's Ed
bulletGrade 11 Health
bulletGrade 12 Health

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